My Birth Stories

Brittany's Birth Story - Induced vaginal birth
Morgan's Birth Story - Induced labor, cascade of interventions into a low transverse c-section
Shayna's Birth Story - Scheduled repeat c-section for breech, turned Inverted T section, was originally planning a VBAC
Thalea's Birth Story - Wonderful water birth VBAC story
Thales' Birth Story - Perfect UBAC with transfer for retained placenta

Pregnancy and Birth Information

While I was preparing for Thalea's birth, I was asked "Don't you want a doctor?" several times.  A lady that I met on the ICAN list wrote this and I couldn't agree more!

After Thales' birth, my husband decided that all of the birth prep books out there were not written for men.  So, he wrote his own Man's Guide to Home Birth.

Here is another fabulous article that my husband wrote for the Whole Woman Magazine. This one is about Coerced Fathers.

Miscarriage - Something I think women should feel more free to talk about. It really isn't a taboo subject just because it brings up strong emotions.

A lot of people have misconceptions about what the rupture rates are for Classical, Inverted T or J incisions.  The Landon study found a rupture rate of 1.9% for these incisions.  Even if you go with the older stats of 4-9%, that is a 91-96% chance that you WON'T rupture.  Totally worth it if you ask me.  :-)

"If I were an Iraqi, bound to a bed, clothes taken, denied food or water, and lied to... the American Media would care.  But I'm just a woman giving birth in America, bound to a bed, clothes taken, denied food or water, and lied to."  ~ Shannon Mitchell