Brittany's Birth Story

First pregnancy, due August 22, 1993.

Had prodomal labor the week before and after my due date.

Bought her crib about 4 days after my due date passed, brought it home and put it together by myself.  lol

Being a first time mom, I had no idea what all the prodomal labor was about or even what it was called.  The term "false-labor" just kept pissing me off.  Had I known it was doing something and that it was because she was in a posterior position I might have been able to be more patient and let my body do it's thing.  I might have even tried to help it turn her.  However, I was clueless.

On Saturday, August 28th, I called the answering service for my OB, talked to the OB on call.  He was a little rude, told me just to stay home and call him when the contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart.  Ugh.  I started baking everything.  I made a few dinners ahead and put them in the freezer, made a few desserts to put in the freezer as well!  Sunday, I was still having the same crap, random contractions, random length, not very painful.  My mom came over and ate dinner with me, she brought some funny movies for us to watch.  I can't remember the others but Money Pit was one of them.  Still one of my all time favorite movies.  :-)

Somehow, I got it in my head that the docs switched call at midnight, no idea where that came from.  I was really hoping my doc would be on call next.  So, after midnight I called the service again.  Talked to the same doc, he was still rude, but I was persistent, I wanted this baby out!  I liked being pregnant, in fact I loved it, but it was hot & I was huge!  I don't think that it should be possible for women to be due in the hot summer months.  The jerk OB finally told me to come in.  So, we packed everything up & I think my mom came with us.

We got to the hospital around 12:30am, we lived very close so we didn't have to travel far at all.  He checked me, don't remember what he told me, I don't think I was dilated at all though.  They gave me morphine to make the contractions stop.  lol  I was already 8 days overdue and he was trying to stop my piddly contractions.  My mom went home and Brittany's dad got to sleep in one of the most uncomfortable looking chairs I've ever seen.  The next morning I woke up, they were doing the exact same thing, but I think they had gotten a little stronger.  I'd asked if I could get up and walk around, so me and my IV pole went for a walk around the floor.  Brittany's dad had left to go somewhere, can't remember where.  I came back to my room, they'd given me breakfast, but just brought clear liquids for lunch.  A new doc had come on call that morning, he was much nicer than the other one.

Didn't matter what they'd brought me for lunch, I hurled it anyways.  I can't remember what order things happened in, but they started the pit and Nubain.  Pit laughs at Nubain, it didn't do ANYTHING for my pain, but I really didn't want an epidural.  The thought of them trying to put a needle in my spine scared the crap out of me.  My labor started going pretty well, I think they broke my water at 3:30pm.  Thinking back that doesn't make a lot of sense, unless I was pretty well dilated and they thought I was going to go faster.

I had horrendous back labor.  I don't remember anyone really explaining anything to me, but I was in my own little world.  They wouldn't let me lay on my back, they wouldn't let me get up to pee.  They just kept switching me from one side to the other and put a bedpan under me if I had to pee.  :-(  That had to be one of the most humiliating things I'd suffered up to that point in my life.  My mom, my dad and Brittany's dad took turns sitting with me while I was in labor.  They would only let one person in at a time.

Finally, I caved on the epidural, I was in too much pain to care about anything else.  The nurse checked me, I was at 8 cm, she said she'd go get the doctor to give the order and she'd be right back.  I swear it took an hour, but Brittany's dad told me later it was only 15 minutes.  She came back, checked me again and said, "It's too late now, you are ready to start pushing!"  What?!  I was not!  I wanted some pain relief!

This was still back in the day when you labored in one room and then they wheeled you into another room to deliver.  *shakes head*  That had to be one of the dumbest ideas.  Anyways, they wheeled me into the delivery room, got everything all set up.  Brittany's dad was on one side and my mom was on the other, helping to hold my knees up to my ears so I could push.  The OB gave me an episiotomy before she even crowned.  She was out in just a few pushes.  Feeling her pass through my vagina was incredible!  And she was beautiful and perfect.  Brittany Nicole was born at 1:26 am on August 31st, 1993, she weighed 6 lbs., 13 ozs., and was 20-3/4" long.

My recovery was relatively quick and smooth.  I was out of the hospital within 24 hours of her birth by my choice.