Morgan's Birth Story

Second pregnancy, due June 22, 1997.

I did not have any prodomal labor with this baby, I was thankful.  I had started to swell up like a balloon during the third trimester.  I was attending classes at OSU at the time.  I can't tell you how much fun that was.  I was due shortly after the end of spring quarter, so I didn't think I'd have to miss any classes, just have my maternity leave over the summer and come back in the fall, no problem.  However, the swelling got so bad that I had pretty bad carpel tunnel.  I ended up talking to my professors about taking the finals over the summer, I had to quit two weeks before classes were over.  Even though I swelled up so bad, my blood pressure stayed in my normal range and I did not spill any protein.  Yay!  Oh the joys of being pregnant.  lol

My due date came and went, as I expected it too.  I began walking and walking and walking and running up and down the stairs.  Didn't do anything.  On June 25th, I had a suspicion that my water was leaking, just a trickle, it was hard to tell.  Two days later it hadn't stopped, so I called my OB and asked her opinion.  She said she was already at the hospital so why didn't I come in so she could check me out.  (I shouldn't even have called her.  My first mistake.)

I went alone, I figured she'd just send me home since I wasn't having any contractions and I really didn't think it was my water.  I got there around 2pm, she checked me and said it was my water.  She also claimed that I had a fever.  I'm not so sure about this, it was the end of June and hard for me to tell, but I felt fine.  Since I had a fever she insisted on IV antibiotics and fluids.  (My second mistake.)  Then she tells me that she's been on for 24 hours, was up all night with deliveries and that I didn't want her there for my delivery, that I wanted a fresh doctor.  (I really love it when doctors tell us what we want.)  Being naive still about how this system works, I nodded and smiled and said ok.  She had me admitted and called the doc that was coming on.

Shortly after that they started the pit, probably around 3pm.  I refused any pain meds, I remembered how poorly the Nubain worked last time and I still didn't want someone sticking a needle in my back for an epidural.  My husband came and brought Brittany, she had to stay in the waiting room with my father-in-law who had come with my mother-in-law.  My mother-in-law and my best friend were in the room with us.  I was amazed that they allowed that many people into a labor room, but glad as I'd been bored out of my mind before everyone got there.  I was cheery and talkative until they ramped up the pit.  No idea what time they did that, I think it'd been a few hours.  I had horrible back labor again, although this time I also had horrible sciatic pain down my left leg with each contraction.  I don't know what was causing that, but it hurt so bad.  At that point I did ask for an epidural and got it.  I have no idea how dilated I was or anything.  Oh yeah, with the epidural I also got a catheter!  Oh JOY!!  (My third mistake.)

The epidural did not take.  I still had horrible back labor and that sciatic pain with each contraction.  It felt like a hot searing pain that would shoot down the inside of my leg.  Of course I was flat on my back, that may have had something to do with it.  :-/  I'm really glad that I had three people in the room with me, with each contraction and that pain I had my husband massaging my hip, my mother-in-law massaging my thigh and my friend massaging my calf.  I felt really bad for them, but if they stopped the pain was unbearable.

Around 7am the next morning I must have been complete, they told me I could start pushing.  I forgot to thank them for giving me permission.  *rolls eyes*  I'm not exactly sure when the OB noticed it, but at this point he tells me that my baby is presenting with her forehead, he could see her hairline.  This didn't make any sense to me at the time, of course.  Then he tells me he's going to try to help turn her head to make it a little easier for her to come out.  He told me to stop pushing and I think when I was having contractions he was pushing her back in.  I remember thinking he must have been a complete moron to not understand the physics involved in what he was doing.  I didn't know this at the time, but if I hadn't been on my back the whole time she might not have gotten into that position OR if they'd have let me get on my hands and knees at this point, with my shoulders to the bed, I MIGHT have been able to get her to turn her head.  Alas, we were stuck.  The doc couldn't get her head to turn and she wasn't coming out that way.  I like to tell people that she wanted to see where she was going.  :-)

Shortly before 8am, they turned off the pit, tried to redo my catheter that had fallen out and had been rammed back in so many times that my urethra was swollen shut.  I remember looking down the table, between my legs and seeing at least 3 or 4 nurses and the head nurse, they'd had to get her because they couldn't get the catheter back in and had to before I could go into surgery.  :-(  They got me in the OR and I think they did something to the epidural, it was finally working.  My husband was gowned and sitting next to my head.  I was exhausted and passed out.  I remember hearing her crying as soon as they cut my uterus open and before they even had her out.  :-(  Her private space completely invaded.  Then I heard a nurse say, "Oh, she's beautiful!"  We were completely surprised, up to this point we weren't sure but thought she was a boy and did not even have a girl's name picked out.  But I named her on the spot before I even saw her.  Naturally, 20 people got to see her before I did.  They took her over to the warming table, cleaned her up, poked and prodded her, wrapped her up and handed her to my husband.  I could barely reach to kiss her forehead.  I'm sure she barely had time to realize it was me.   They rushed her off to the nursery, I think I sent my husband with her but I don't remember, I think I went back to sleep.  Morgan Kelly was removed from my body at 8:30am on June 28th, she weighed 8 lbs., 9 ozs., and was 20-3/4" long.

After my surgery, I did not get out of bed for 1-2 days, I still had my catheter in.  I was going mad with itching from a reaction that I had to the morphine they gave me after surgery.  I wanted to take a shower badly.  With the help of my husband, I got out of bed, with all my tubes and crap, got about 5 steps and blood just started gushing out of me and running down my legs.  We both just kind of stood there looking at it trying to figure out what to do.  I told him to call for a nurse.  I just stood there, I was afraid to move because I didn't want to step in it and slip and fall.  She came and cleaned me up, got me to the bathroom, cleaned up the floor.  I can't imagine how scary that had to be for my husband to see.  I think we finally got out of the hospital 5 days after surgery.  Within a few days of being home I developed an infection at the right end of my incision and it would leak this clear, yellow, stinky fluid if I was too active.  It finally stopped as my incision healed closed.

When I went back to school in the fall, Morgan had developed a pretty severe separation anxiety.  I believe the fact that I passed out during her c-section, the fact that she was born via c-section and the amount of time she spent in the nursery after the c-section is directly responsible.